End of Year Show
As part of my Interactive Media course, I undertook the exciting challenge of creating a series of designs for the University of Ulster's prestigious end-of-year show. This annual event serves as a platform for graduating students to showcase their remarkable work, providing them with a crucial opportunity to gain recognition. With the goal of standing out and capturing the essence of the show, I crafted a set of captivating designs that I am immensely proud of.
The design showcased to the right represents my finale masterpiece, carefully crafted to encapsulate the excitement and sophistication of the event, while also emphasizing its artistic focus. Its clean aesthetic and vibrant appeal serve as a visual testament to the creativity and talent that will be on display. This project proved to be immensely insightful, granting me valuable experience in working to a brief and effectively collaborating with a client to deliver exceptional designs.
If you're interested in exploring my other designs, pitch deck, and visual diary related to this project, I invite you to click the gallery button below. It offers a comprehensive glimpse into my creative process and showcases the depth of my skills and dedication.
Thank you for taking the time to explore my work, and I hope my designs inspire you as much as they did me.