MED 331 Designing With Data

During this module, I delved into the fascinating world of data exploration and communication. It allowed me to develop a comprehensive understanding of how data is handled, processed, and utilized to derive meaningful insights. By leveraging data from NISRA (Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency), I engaged in practical exercises that aimed to uncover patterns, master the art of data communication, address design complexities, navigate methodological biases, and embrace core principles of data visualization.
While exploring the NISRA data, I stumbled upon statistics related to employment rates. This discovery prompted me to delve deeper into the subject, seeking to validate the claims of a strong and competitive regionally based economy. Through meticulous investigation and analysis, I distilled the findings into a captivating design and graphics, which I present below as the culmination of my work:
These visual representations serve as a powerful means of conveying the insights derived from the data. They provide a comprehensive overview of the employment landscape in Northern Ireland, supporting or challenging the notion of a robust and competitive regional economy. By combining the art of design with the precision of data analysis, I strive to illuminate complex information in a visually compelling manner.
Through this project, I have not only honed my skills in data visualization and interpretation but also gained a deeper appreciation for the impact of data on decision-making processes. I am excited to continue my journey in exploring and communicating data effectively, empowering individuals and organizations to make informed choices based on robust evidence.

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