During the challenging times of the COVID pandemic, two close friends and I came together to support each other through the mental health struggles associated with prolonged isolation and the constant flux of restrictions on travel, exercise, and businesses. We discovered solace and inspiration by embarking on walks and exploring our local surroundings, unveiling the hidden beauty that often goes unnoticed in our everyday lives. Motivated by the desire to share these remarkable experiences, particularly during the trying years of 2020 and 2021, we combined our passion for photography and videography to create Immersive NI.
Immersive NI initially emerged as a platform to showcase the awe-inspiring landscapes that many individuals were unable to visit due to the pandemic. Through our immersive 360-degree visuals, viewers could virtually transport themselves to these breathtaking locations, enjoying a sensory journey from the comfort of their own homes.
We invite you to embark on an extraordinary adventure with us. Explore the wonders of Immersive NI through the icons below, which will connect you to our engaging social media platforms. Alternatively, click the button on the right to visit our dedicated website and delve deeper into our captivating world.

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