Using Social media platform to aid in data analysis of tourist location

About the Project
This project started out as a way for me to showcase my own photography work but with Covid-19 restrictions and everything over the last year. The project had evolved into what it is today which is a project taken inspiration from Lev Manovich's Selfiecity, which I took my own spin on things to showcase are beautiful country full of tourism sights. By using the social media platform Instagram I was able to gather a perfect supply of images that I could showcase while also getting data on the users that have posted to these sights. This then aloud me to create some infographics breaking down the data that I have collected making it appealing to look at and stand out to viewers. 

The aim behind the project is to understand the type of people visiting these locations any how different types of tourism attracts different type of people. By using the data collected to I will be able to answer these questions and this can be taken further into researching travel patterns using social media or even target material on these locations to the visitors.

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